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Options for the LTD

Many options were available for the LTD.  This was an image car when it was new, and therefore you could load up your new 1983 LTD with alot of very interesting options.
I have compiled a list of these options after pouring through my brochures and owners manuals, and have made a list.  I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this list, especially

because I have found that alot of the information in my brochures are really taken from other cars, and I believe that in many ways these cars all got the same owner's manual, just with a different cover.  So I have tried to complete this and make it as accurate as possible, but I cannot guarantee it.  As well, options in prior years post 1983 may have become unavailable, or new options added.

Engine Options:
4 cylinder:
- 2.4 L (?)
- 140 CiD
- 3 speed automatic or 4 speed manual
- Propane or 87 unleaded as factory options
6 cylinder:
- 3.0 L
- 200 CiD
- 3 speed automatic
- 87 unleaded
- 3.8 L
-233 CiD
-3 speed automatic or 3 speed automatic with overdrive
-87 unleaded
- 1984 on.
- 5.0 L
- 302 CiD
- 3 speed automatic with overdrive
- 87 unleaded
- Only available on police package cars or LTD LX

  • Diagnostic Warning Lights = On top of dash, between turn signals.
  • Electronic Instrument Cluster = Digital instrumentation, such as fuel level, speed, and various other warning lights
  • Tripminder = Shows time, date, and day, as well as elapsed travel time in hours, minutes, and seconds (like a stopwatch) as well as an odometer, average trip speed, instantaneous fuel economy, and fuel consumed.
  • Illuminated entry system = Possibly not available on the LTD but was included in the brochure for some other model.  It illuminates both front door lock cylinders, the interior courtesy lights, and the dome lamp when either outside front door handle is raised.
  • Courtesy lights = Possibly not available on the LTD but was included in the brochure for some other model.  Mounted on console cars with front bucket seats.  2 more under dash on brougham model.
  • Autolamp = Automatic on-off of headlamps depending on darkness levels.  Has manual override.
  • Maplights = Dual beam, on each side of dome light.
  • Windshield Wiper Interval System = Allows you to select the interval of your windshield wipers through many different settings.  Means if it's misting you can have them wipe periodically and you can adjust waiting time between wipes depending on conditions.
  • Rear Window wiper & washer = WAGON = One speed rear wiper with washer.
  • Air Conditioning = Ohhhh yes, nice to have ;-)
  • Auto Temperature Control = System with a thermometer built in that lets you set your desired numerical value for your car, and then the a/c system or heater system will be turned on to get the interior to your desired temperature and maintain that temperature.
  • Rear Window Defroster = Clears fog, thin ice, and frost from the interior or exterior of the rear window.  No more early morning scraping of ice!  Or on the rear window anyways...
  • Power Seats = Six way power adjustable front seats available with split bench or individual style seats.
  • Passenger side view mirror = Convex mirror on passenger side, on exterior of car
  • Illuminated vanity mirrors = 2 brightness levels, turned on when mirror door cover opened.
  • Tilt steering wheel = Allows adjustability vertically for the driver to select their preferred height.
  • Power Steering
  • Engine block heater = Warms engine coolant, resulting in improved starting and faster engine warm up.
  • Fingertip Speed Control = Cruise Control, mounted conveniently on the steering wheel.  Available on basic or premium steering wheel.
  • 'Premium' steering wheel = Replaces the standard 2 spoke 'A' shape steering wheel with a 4 spoke model.
  • Power Locks = Power operated locks, no more bending over to unlock doors for passengers
  • Remote Control Trunk Door Release button = Opens door via dash mounted button.
  • 2 way liftgate = WAGON = Allows you to open glass rear window without opening the entire liftgate.
  • Vent Windows = Knurled knob opens or closes triangle shaped front windows, independent of main window.
  • Power Windows = Driver has control of all 4 windows and can lock other three passenger windows via switch.  I'm told it was only available if you purchased vent windows, however the brochure shows cars without vent windows but power windows.  This option may have changed in later years, contact me if you have a definite answer.
  • Fuel filler door release = requires a button to be pushed to open fuel door.  Good for keeping vandals from screwing with your fuel.
  • Radios = Casette or 8 track with manual dial tuner.  Electronic radios available, including an electronic radio with no outside media and one with a casette player.  No electronic 8 track.
  • Premium 4 speaker sound = Upgraded speakers front and rear, with front speakers amplified or not via dash switch.  May have become a premium 6 speaker stereo in later years.
  • Traction-Lok axle = Limited Slip Differential axle.  Improves traction.
  • Anti-Theft Wheel Lug Nuts = Come with special 'key' to remove wheel lug nuts, claims to protect hubcaps from being stolen - at least if the thief doesn't have the key themselves ;-)
  • Several different styles of wheels
  • Luggage Roof Rack = WAGON = chrome luggage rack
  • Vinyl Roof = Sedan Only
  • Leather Interior = Only available with optional brougham interior, replaces brougham standard cloth
  • Cloth Interior = Standard on Brougham models, available as on option on non-brougham cars to replace vinyl seats
  • Squire Option = WAGON = Faux wood panelling applied on sides of wagon and rear tailgate

Again, this is to the best of my knowledge and I cannot be 100% sure of the accuracy of this list.  If you have any information otherwise about any of these options, please feel free to e-mail me with the adress I have provided on the contact page.