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Ahhh, the LTD station wagon.  Quite possibly the most forgettable LTD built...

The LTD station wagon was a great car!  It came standard with the powerful 3.8L V6.  No straight 6 or weak 140CI 4 cylinder for this car!  
It was a practical mid-size family wagon, and utility is why you bought it, not power or looks so much.

Mercury had a wagon version as well.


Not that it was ugly, either, not at all!  In fact it looked great next to it's competitors from chrysler and GM.  No, you bought this car for it's practicality, and it's economy, and in fact it was a very competitive car for ford in it's market.  And if the plain LTD wasn't enough, you could still always dress it up with a squire faux wood panelling option.  Or opt for the brougham and check the right box and you could get leather to sit on!

Wait up, what the hell is this?
It's a marquis... Wagon.  On the drag strip.
Hell yes!  Just because it didn't come from the factory with a 5-0 doesn't mean it can't have an aftermarket 5-0!  Here's a scenario:
You go to the store to pick up some groceries.  you put them all in the cavernous rear cargo area.  You see a (insert car here) at a stoplight and it revs to try and look cool.  You smoke him as you peel away from the stoplight and leave him wondering what the hell happened!
"power is by a 351C/lentech AOD combo that currently runs low 12's,but a torque converter change should get it into the 11's"
Holy crap!