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The Mercury Marquis.  Built on the fox chassis, and basically the same as the LTD but with different taillights and a different grill.  It's a simple and uninspired re-do of the LTD, just like alot of mercury cars.  Nevertheless, I'm adding it to this site in the interest of a complete source of information.

Not that the mercury was a bad car, no not at all!  It was just a cookie-cutter.  I have very little info on this car and I have very VERY few photos.  These cars don't have the same following.  Probably because they didn't have an optional V8 in later years.  Anyways, here's a few photos, enjoy.

A 1983 Mercury Marquis Station Wagon. Notice the unique grill design.

I also have come to believe that the front turn signal housing is different as well.  If you look closely it seems as though the first half is almost an opaque clear color while the other half up to the fender is amber.

I can't figure out if this is an LTD with Marq. grill, or a Marquis...

The photo below is of a Marquis LTS.
Only sold in Canada, it is extremely rare.  It, like the LTD LX, had the 5.0L V8.  It's much more rare than an LTD LX however...

Marquis LTS - extremely rare